Bone Marrow Transplant

The department has done over 170 transplant since its inception in July 2008. Under Dr. Vijay Ramanan as the head and director the programme has done transplant for various indications successfully. We have done all types of transplant by using varied sources of stem cells from Autologous to Allogenic(Stem cells from peripheral blood, Cord, Haplo-identical). The first centre to do cord blood stem cell transplant from unrelated sources for Thalassaemia, Aplastic Anemia, Inherited Disorders(MPS).
Our area of interest are:


Indications Autologous Transplant

Multiple myeloma Ovarian cancer
NHL Germ-cell tumors
Hodgkin's disease Autoimmune disorders
AML Amyloidosis
Neuroblastoma Amyloidosis

Indications For Allogeneic Transplant

AML Aplastic anemia
CML Fanconi's anemia
MDS Blackfan-Diamond
MPD Thalessemia major
NHL Sickle cell anemia
Hodgkin's disease SCID
CLL Wiskott-Aldrich
Multiple myeloma Inborn errors of metabolism
Juvenile CML  


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