Ruby Hall Cardiac Centre is the second largest Cardiac Centre in the India which was established 25 years ago. There are 4 functional and well-equipped cardiac operating theatres and 3 state of the art cardiac cathlabs. Cardiac department in Ruby Hall Clinic is famous all over India and world for the complex Cardiac Surgeries, Angioplasties that are done here. There is a team of 21 Cardiologists and 14 Cardiac Surgeons. Complex Angioplasties using varieties of stents are also done in large numbers.

The Cardiac Centre also has facilities like Intravascular Ultrasounds, Electro physiology, Interactive balloon pump etc. Recently Cardiac Center has been doing lot of work in ASD/ VSD/ PDA closures non-invasively, where holes in the heart are repaired without open-heart surgery.

Cardiac centre has done more than 100000 angiographies, 90000 angioplasties, and 50000 cardiac surgeries including bypass surgeries. A large number of Pace Makers have also been inserted.

Cardiac centre also does angioplasty in acute Heart Attack Situation. This is called PAMI. More than 3000 such patients have been treated successfully in Ruby Hall. Over 100 people work in cardiac centre, which is supported by one of the largest coronary care unit.

There are more than 100 beds dedicated to Cardiac diseases at Ruby Hall Clinic. Ruby Hall Clinic has conducted a large number of live Cardiology Workshops from India to Singapore, Paris, Vietnam and London.

They have also been conducted at Pune , Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Cardiac Centre is truly international as we have patients from Dubai, Oman, Iran, Iraq etc. Ruby Hall clinic is also recognized in postgraduate training in cardiology and is supported by Pune University and National board of India.

DNB students come from all over the India for training in cardiology.


Dr. C. N. Makhale Prof. Cardiology, Co-Director & Cath Lab Incharge Interventional Cardiologist. Live Cardiac Surgery
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Ruby Hall Clinic: Pune’s First Nationally Accredited Hospital

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