Educational and Motivational Programme for the Voluntary Blood Donation Drive Organizers

Educational and Motivational Programme for the Voluntary Blood Donation Drive Organizers was held on Wednesday , 29th November 2017 on the Occasion of 97th Birth Anniversary of our Founder Chairman Late Dr. K.B Grant. The Management of Ruby Hall Clinic Sincerely thanks all the people who attended the function. The Philanthropic work of Blood Drive organizers and donors have helped to save thousands of patients' lives and bring smile to their families.We salute our Aphersis Donors for helping us to tide over the Dengue crisis by donating platelets.

Admissions Open for Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research & Data Management Batch

A hearty welcome to the “Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research and Data Management Course” .

This course is run jointly by two premiere institutions in the field of Clinical Research - Ruby Hall Clinic & PPCE, who impart quality education to students looking for a career within the industry.

Clinical trials are systematic investigations in human subjects intended to gather safety and efficacy data of a new drug. The clinical trials conducted all over the world follow universally accepted guidelines and regulations. These trials for new drugs are conducted on human subjects or patients only after abundant satisfactory information has been collected on its quality and safety through pre-clinical or animal studies and which have an approval from the required health and ethical authorities.

Designed to turn Life Sciences graduates into well-rounded, thinking individuals who will add value to the companies who hire them, the course includes a balance of theory, internship, and honing of soft skills that will increase your chances of employability.

It is our desire that you enjoy this course, learn from it and gain experience from the internship programs which will give you a feel of working in a live set up. It is our aim that you will increase the pool of bright, enthusiastic and knowledgeable students who will enter the healthcare industry and make its future even brighter.

Admissions Open for Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research & Data Management Batch

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Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie Hosts Cancer Awareness Drive

World cancer day is observed every year on 4th Feb to raise awareness of the global impact of cancer and increase understanding of prevention, detection, treatment and care of cancer patients.Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organisation, cancer accounts for 7,6 million (or 13%) of all deaths.

Today on world cancer day in order to contribute to the society Ruby Hall Clinic’s new hospital in Wanowarie had organized a cancer awareness drive to make people more aware and dispel damaging myths and misconceptions about cancer, under the tagline “Cancer - Did you know”. A rally was organized from the premises of this new hospital which was flagged off by the local corporator Shri Prashant jagtap and the staff ,doctors ,nurses and the management team along with the local residents came together to walk along and spread messages on how to prevent and detect cancer. This was followed by a public symposium in which renowned oncologists Dr. Minish Jain, Dr. Sujai Hegde, Dr. Bhooshan Zade and a support team addressed the gathering, replying to the various doubts and queries they had regarding this disease. The symposium was attended by a huge number of people including a sizeable number from the international community. Supporting team Wanowarie of Ruby hall Clinic in this noble cause of fight against cancer was Dr. Mohan Dharia, founder President of the VARNAI foundation, who had graced the occasion as the chief guest.The guests attending the symposium were also treated to a poster exhibition. The master of ceremony was Dr. Sonia Basu ,Asst .Medical Director ,Ruby Hall Clinic ,Wanowarie who thanked the public for their huge support in the campaign against cancer.

National Award for Medical Tourism to Ruby Hall Clinic at the hands of President of India

Ruby Hall Clinic was awarded for the best Medical Tourism facility in India at the hands of Smt. Pratibhatai Patil, President of India. This award was conferred by the Ministry of Tourism –

Government of India on February 29, 2012 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.

Bomi Bhote – Chief Executive Officer, Ruby Hall Clinic, said that “This is a very proud moment for Ruby Hall Clinic and Pune”, as there were more than 50 top hospitals in competition from all over India. We are the first hospital to perform complex Cardiac Surgeries in Lagos, Nigeria – having done more than 50 Bone Marrow Transplants, over 100 Kidney Transplants and 100 cardiac surgeries on foreign patients at Ruby Hall Clinic. Inspite of many odds like geographical disadvantage, Tier-II city, lack of full fledged international airport and being a stand alone institute, we have still been able to attract more than 600 foreign patients for treatment during the last year. Patients from U.K., Iraq, Iran Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia etc. are availing our services regularly.

Our Medical Tourism Department was started in 2009 with all facilities like video conferencing, airport pickup and drop, air ambulance, interpreter services, visa assistance, currency exchange, free Internet, Mobile/ SIM Card, sight-seeing, country specific special food and diet etc. are provided to the patients. It provides complete end-to-end services to overseas patients.

Mr. Subodh Kant Sahai – Minister of Tourism, Government of India presided over the function and Mr. Sultan Ahmed – Minister of State for Tourism, Government of India was the Guest of Honour .

Actors should act like a bridge between Public and Medical fraternity : Mrinal Kulkarni

The inaugural BG conference held on 2nd January 2010 at Ruby Hall Cancer Centre. It was a grand success with over 200 specialists from all over Maharashtra attending the conference. The conference had eminent speakers from Tata Memorial Hospital including Dr Amita Maheshwari, Gynecologic Surgeon, Dr Sudeep Gupta, Associate Prof. Medical Oncology, and Dr Sharmila Pimple, additional Prof. of preventive oncology underlying the guidelines for the management of Breast and Gynecological Cancers.

The conference started with the inauguration by well-known actress Ms Mrinal Kulkarni. She stressed the fact that there was a great fear and stigma associated with the disease of cancer.

She was of the opinion that for some reason actors are more believed than doctors; hence they can act as a bridge between the public and doctors to spread awareness.

Dr Ashok Bhanage, Chairman, Ruby Hall Cancer Centre, Dr, A V Umranikar, Dr Dilip Kamat, Dr Arvind Sangamnerkar, Dr Charu Joshi and other senior gynecologist, were present at the inauguration.

Dr Minish Jain, Chief Medical Oncologist announced the formation of the breast Gynaec group which would have regular academic meetings to update first care givers with the latest of knowledge.

Dr Rakesh Neve, Surgical Oncologist, underlined the principles of standard surgery and promised to conduct surgical workshops for learning these principles.

Dr Vaishali Chavan, urged the Gynecologist to be alert about the signs and symptoms of cancer to diagnose the cancers at an early stage.

Dr Anupama Mane underlined the pitfalls of diagnosing breast cancers in pregnancy and detailed the principles of treating such patients.

Liver Transplantation program at Ruby hall Clinic in association with Global Hospitals

Liver transplantation is now the accepted standard treatment for end stage liver disease. The first human liver transplant was performed in 1963 by a surgical team led by Dr. Thomas Starzl[1] of Denver, Colorado, United States. Liver transplantation is now performed at over one hundred centers in the USA, as well as numerous centers in Europe , South East Asia and importantly many states across India. One year patient survival is 80-85%, and outcomes continue to improve, although liver transplantation remains a formidable procedure with frequent complications. Unfortunately, the supply of liver allografts from non-living donors is far short of the number of potential recipients, a reality that has spurred the development of living donor liver transplantation.

In Indian scenario, Liver Transplantation was seen as impossible target as far as the treatment of end stage liver disease was concerned. Last era has seen new developments in the field of liver transplantation and many centers in India are geared up for successful liver transplantation programs.

Ruby Hall Clinic is the first hospital in the city which has the NABH accreditation. The hospital has world class infrastructure, the legal permission to do Liver transplantation and now the team to run the liver transplantation program. The first liver retrieval took place in Ruby hall Clinic and the liver was successfully transplanted in Hyderabad Global Hospitals.

There are many patients with liver diseases and many of them have morbidities and mortalities while waiting on the transplant waiting list. Therefore we also want to increase the public awareness as regards to organ donation and organ sharing.

Our current venture of liver transplantation at Ruby Hall Clinic is Pune’s first Liver Transplantation Program. We plan to have both the cadaveric and living related liver transplantation programs. Our motto is not to waste a single organ and to make the organs available for the needy. This program will be run in association with Dr Ravindranath, Director and Chairperson Global Hospitals Hyderabad. Dr Ravindranath is the great visionary having developed successful transplant Programs in three big cities in South India. He is also shortly starting the transplant hospital in Parel. His transplantation programs are in fact role models for the rest of the country. Liver transplant surgeon with great International repute Prof Dr Mohamed Rela will be the main transplant surgeon. Dr. Mohamed Rela is the Chief transplant surgeon from King’s College Hospitals, London, UK. He has wide experience in orthotopic cadaveric and living related liver transplantation and also in auxiliary liver transplantation. He is pioneer in split liver grafting. He is currently the Chief liver Transplantation surgeon with Global Hospitals now at Hyderabad, Chennai and Banglore and soon at Mumbai.He has a young, trained team of able surgeons under his umbrella. The local surgical responsibilities and coordination will be done by Dr. Kamlesh Bokil, Dr. Rajesh Tandulwadkar, Dr. Pradeep Sharma with the help of a surgeon from Global Hospitals stationed in Ruby Hall Clinic. Dr. Sheetal (Dhadphale) Mahajani, consultant Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist and Endoscopist will be heading the transplant Program. Dr. Sheetal is trained in liver transplantation at the King’s College Hospitals, London, UK. She has completed hands on fellowship in the world’s most busy transplant unit under the good guidance of Dr. Julia Wendon and Prof Dr. Mohamed Rela. She has been instrumental in coordinating the first liver retrieval in Ruby Hall Clinic. Under her guidance many patients in the city have witnessed successful transplants elsewhere. Other reputed Gastroenterologist Dr Nitin Pai and paediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Vishnu Biradar will complete the medical team.Dr. Nandini Londhe and Dr Patil Rajendra will form the anaesthesia team. The liver transplantation coordination will be done by the social worker Mrs Aarti Gokhale, Surekha Joshi and their team.

Liver transplantation is potentially applicable to any acute or chronic condition resulting in irreversible liver dysfunction, provided that the recipient does not have other conditions that will preclude a successful transplant. Uncontrolled metastatic cancer outside liver, active drug or alcohol abuse and active septic infections are absolute contraindications. While infection with HIV was once considered an absolute contraindication, this has been changing recently. Advanced age and serious heart, pulmonary or other disease may also prevent transplantation (relative contraindications). Most liver transplants are performed for chronic liver diseases that lead to irreversible scarring of the liver, or cirrhosis of the liver. Common indications for which transplantation is done in our Country are alcohol, Hepatitis B, C and cryptogenic liver diseases in adults.

Mr Bomi Bhote , CEO Ruby Hall Clinic will be announcing liver transplantation program on the 25 Th Septerber 2010 in a scientific program in Le Meridian, Pune. The inaugurationl will be done at the hands of respected PMC Commissioner Mr. Mahesh Zagade on the same day at 7.15 pm.

Ruby Hall Clinic: Pune’s First Nationally Accredited Hospital

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