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RHC Blood bank is situated in the Kamal Nayan Bajaj building of Ruby Hall Clinic , which is within a kilometer distance from Pune Railway Station at 40,Sasoon Pune.

Established on 1st January 1979, it is Pune City's 1st and only Blood bank having a separate NABH Blood Bank Accreditation in addition to it being in the NABH Accreditation Scope of the main Hospital . The Blood Bank gives service 24 hours a days 365 days a year. The Blood Bank is well equipped with all the latest and advanced equipments required for Collection, Processing, Storage and Issue of Blood and Blood Components. The Staff is well qualified, dedicated and proficient.



  • M.B.B.S (Pune University), CTM (NIIH, Mumbai) PGDHHM, PGDMLS (Symbiosis Center for Health Care, Pune).
  • 20 years of experience in the field of Transfusion Medicine.
  • NABH Blood Bank Consultant.
  • Expert faculty of MSACS for training of Blood Bank staff
  • Nav Bharat Times Stree Shakti Award for contribution in the field of Transfusion Medicine.

Medical Officers :

  • Dr. S. M. Bora (BTO)
  • Dr. D. S. Jobanputra (BTO)
  • Dr. J. M. Bhagwat (BTO)

To Organise Voluntary Blood Donation Camp You May Please Contact :

  • Mr. R. G. Sajlani.
  • Mr. S. J. Patil.
  • Mr. S. C. Kalekar.

PHONE: 020-26166318/66455264


Facilities available at the Blood Bank :

1.Blood Component Facility :

  • Packed Red Cell Concentrate.(P.C)
  • Irradiated Packed Red Cell Concentrate.
  • Leucodepleted Packed Red Cell Concentrate.
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma.(FFP)
  • Normal Human Plasma.
  • Platelet Concentrate (R.D.P)
  • Leucodepleted R.D.P.
  • Irradiated R.D.P.
  • Platelet Concentrate (S.D.P)
  • Irradiated S.D.P.
  • Cryo precipitate.

2.Platelet Apheresis :

Facility for Both Single arm procedure and 2 arm procedure is available. At a time 2 procedures can be performed in the Department.

3.Irradiation Facility :

An exclusive Blood Bag Irradiator which used Cobalt 60 as the source is available in the blood Bank which takes less than 5 minutes to Irradiate the Blood Unit.

Irradiation reduces the risk of Transfusion Associated Graft V/S Host disease (TAGVHD) and makes transfusion of Cellular Blood Components more safe.

4.Leucodepletion Facility :

Quadruple Blood Bags are used to remove the bulk of Leucocytes or W.B.C from whole blood at the time of separating it in to various components using automated equipments.

This dramatically reduces the Transfusion Reactions like fever, Transfusion Associate Lung Injury (TRALI) and many associated immunological reactions.

5. Antibody Screening Facility :

Advanced Column Agglutination Technique is used for Screening of Atypical Antibodies .This facility is useful for pregnant Ladies and patients having difficulty in getting cross match compatible blood units.

All the important Procedures and Tests performed in the blood bank use fully automated and state of art Systems. This includes but is not restricted to Blood Grouping, Cross Matching, Testing the Blood Unit for HIV1,HIV2,Hepatitis B and C ,Separating the Blood in to Component Units, Quality Control Procedures, Storage of blood components under strict Temperature monitoring using Central Temperature Monitoring System and Complete Sterility is maintained.

Our Special Moments


We paid tribute to our 'BOSS' on the Founder's Day by organizing a get together of our Voluntary Blood Donors and Blood Drive Organizers. About 275 people attended this program. Dr. Anil Awachat, the Founder Director of Muktangan De addiction Center and renowned Marathi write graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Mr. Makarand Tilloo of 'The Art of Laughing' graciously accepted to be the Guest of honor. He kept the audience smiling and laughing for an hour. This program was dedicated to the great humorist and writer, the Pride of Maharashtra, Late Pu La Deshpande, this being his Centenary Year.

Celebration of the World Blood Donor month
Dates- 1st June to 30th June 2018.

1st prize winner of Poster Competition, Topic: BLOOD CONNECTS US ALL

Lamp lighting on World Blood Donor Day 2018 celebration.

Mr. Prakash Dadlani,108 times donor Centenary Donor, being felicitated by Civil Surgeon Dr. Nandapurkar ,CEO Mr. Bomi Bhote, Medical Director Dr. Pathare, Blood Bank Director Dr. Snehal Mujumdar.

29th November 2017 - Renowned Social Worker Smt. Sindhutai Sapkal Felicitates 128 Blood Donation Drive Organizers and 80 Voluntary Blood Donors and Motivators on the occasion of Founder's Day.

28th November 2016 - Founder Chairman Padmabhushan Late Dr. K.B Grant's Birth Day - Celebrated as Voluntary Blood Drive Organisers Felicitation Day EVERY YEAR.

3rd January - Founder Chairman Padmabhushan Late Dr. K.B Grant 's Smruti din- Ruby Hall Pariwar pays homage to beloved 'Boss' by organizing Voluntary Blood Donation Drive and donating blood EVERY YEAR

Our Voluntary Blood Drives are always well organized to replicate the Blood bank environment.This assures Donor Safety and Satisfaction and also ensures Safe Blood Transfusion to our patients.

8th June to 14th June is Celebrated as' World Blood Donor Week': Voluntary regular repeat donors, Rh Negative Blood Group donors,donors donating in emergency situations and Platelet Apheresis donors are felicitated for their noble and philanthropic act of saving lives of patients and bringing smiles on the face of their families and friends. Blood drives are organized through the week. The week is marked by organization of various competitions like Poster making, Slogan and Quiz related to the 'Importance of Voluntary Blood Donation' and 'Safe Blood Transfusion'. Lectures, CMEs and CNEs are organized.

Ruby Hall Clinic: Pune’s First Nationally Accredited Hospital

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