Department Of Laboratory Medicine

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Laboratory has NABL accreditation as per ISO 15189 : 2007 Standards.

The Lab functions 24 x 7 Fully automated lab equipment as per International Standards Test Menu has more than 500 tests in Hematology & Coagulation, Biochemistry, Immunoassay, Microbiology & Serology, Clinical Pathology, Molecular Pathology, Histopathology & Cytology

Liver Function
Kidney Function
Obesity Profile
Allergy Screening
Diabetes Profile
Cardiac Profile
Thyroid Profile
Cancer Markers
Stroke Profile
Hormonal tests
Anemia profile
Fertility profile
Molecular PCR Tests
HLA Tissue Typing for transplants
Lymphocyte cross match for transplants
We are the only lab in Pune which is recognised by ZTCC
TB Diagnostics - Gene Xpert and TB culture - sensitivity and PCR tests available
  • Routine biopsies for Cancer diagnosis
  • Special stains for diagnosing different disease conditions
  • Immunofluorescence tests
  • Immunohistochemistry for typing of different cancers
  • PAP smear examination; HPV test

We offer 2nd opinion/review on slides for biopsies done outside.

Faculty of Laboratory

  1. Dr Nita Munshi
  2. Dr Vaishali Patil
  3. Dr Harshal Patil
  4. Dr Taher Charchhodwala
  5. Dr Aniruddh Puntambekar
  6. Dr Mrunalini Nandedkar
  7. Dr Swati Kant
  8. Dr Naziya Maner
  9. Our staff of – 40 Technologists, 10 Executives, 15 Support staff are agile, customer focused, transparent and performance oriented.

The department of Pathology is recognized for DNB postgraduate course

Reports are emailed to your email ID .
So no waiting in long queues
Contact: 020 - 66455510

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